Frequently Asked Questions

Books are very heavy, use small boxes to carry them safely.

Absolutely. Reach out to us directly, on 07774 780863 / 0121 517 1996 orĀ drop in a messageĀ to get a competitive, FREE quote.

MTH Removals takes immense pride in its skilled, trained, and experienced team of house and business movers and packers. We know the ins and outs of securely packing items of all shapes, sizes, and weight.

We use high-quality packing supplies to prevent shocks or any in-transit damage. We have a dependable team to load, unload and install your moving items like the way you want.

Our recommendation is to keep children away from the removal team's work area, as they can inadvertently obstruct their tasks and face potential risks. It's advisable to have younger children looked after by a family member or friend until the removal process is completed.

Regarding swings and climbing frames, it's essential to disassemble them well in advance, taking care not to misplace any bolts. If you need our assistance in disassembling or reassembling these items, please discuss it with us beforehand, as it may impact on the initial cost estimate.

Individually wrap each item in packing paper or bubble wrap, placing the heavier pieces at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Employ sturdy double-sided removal boxes. Keep in mind that plates and dishes should be packed vertically, not laid flat.

At MTH Removals we have a broad range of packing supplies to support your move in and out of West Midlands. We have cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, moving kits, and plenty of moving accessories.

Do not shop from anywhere else. We offer big savings on packing supplies. Speak to our box and packaging experts on 07774 780863 / 0121 517 1996.

We are fair and honest in our pricing. We do not adopt any unfair pricing policy to charge our customers more or less on certain days of the week. However, if the demand is high on weekends for removals in and out of Wolverhampton, the moving quote may reasonably vary over the week. If you are planning a move in the nearest future, speak to one of our representatives at 07774 780863 / 0121 517 1996 for a competitive moving quote.

Wrap up garden tools securely and ready objects to be lifted straight onto the vehicle.

Utility Bills:
Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone.

Banks/Building Society:
Credit cards, standing orders.

Dentist, Medical Care & Private health care.

House, Contents, Car & Life insurance, Schools Your Landlord, Your Tenants, Professional.

Solicitors, Accountant, Relatives/Friends Sky.

TV License, TV Rental Your Employer DVLA National Insurance/DHSS Premium Bonds Libraries.

Post Office:
Mail Redirection.

Local Authority:
Removal from electoral register.

If you possess any self-assembly furniture, especially those constructed from chipboard, please be aware that we highly recommend disassembling these units before the move. Chipboard joints typically lack the strength to withstand the rigors of transportation when the furniture remains assembled. We do offer a dismantling and reassembling service for your convenience, albeit at an additional cost.

To ensure clarity regarding the associated costs, you can arrange for this service in advance.

Regarding washing machines, it's important to secure the drum and disconnect it from both the water supply and the electric source. If you require assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting your washing machine, we may be able to provide this service depending on our capability to do so.