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Checklist for Moving House

Planning a move? Use a comprehensive checklist for a smooth transition. As part of our dedication to making a house move as stress free as possible, we have compiled a moving house checklist to assist you in ensuring everything goes to plan on the day. A well-prepared checklist is your key to a hassle-free moving experience.

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5-6 Weeks Before You Move

  • Have a clear out and declutter
  • Get your hands on packing materials and boxes
  • Start ordering furniture for your new home
  • Arrange aĀ survey with your removals company
  • Research your new area

3-4 Weeks Before You Move

  • Book your removal company
  • Arrange childcare or pet care for moving day
  • Organise home insurance for your new home
  • Start to run down your fridge and freezer
  • Make sure thereā€™s parking for your removals company at your new home

2 Weeks Before You Move

  • Notify your essential service providers of your move
  • Transfer your phone number
  • Arrange for post to be redirected
  • Decide how youā€™re going to transport valuable items
  • If you have arranged to pack yourself ā€“ arrange delivery of materials with your removal company
  • Plan the moving day in detail

1 Week Before You Move

  • Finish packing (if youā€™ve arranged to do it yourself) and clean the house thoroughly
  • Make sure all vital documents are together and safe for moving
  • Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer
  • Check attic, garage, basement, and areas of the house for any items you might have forgotten
  • Confirm all details with your moving company

The Day Before You Move

  • Prepare forĀ professional packing serviceĀ if you have arranged one
  • Empty all the bins
  • Gather all your essentials, jewellery and important documents and mark as ā€˜do not removeā€™ so you can transport yourself
  • Confirm child and pet care arrangements if required
  • Do final house check

The Day of The Move

  • Greet and instruct the movers when they arrive
  • Take final meter readings and submit to utility suppliers
  • Once the crew have finished walk through the property to confirm nothing has been left behind
  • Collect your keys and arrive at your new home ahead of the removals company
  • On completion of the removals delivery check all items have been unloaded and sign any removals paperwork

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Using this checklist for moving will help you simplify the moving process, making it as worry-free as possible.

Moving out

Before the MTH team comes, establish clarity regarding their contractual obligations and your own expected actions. When in doubt, reach out to the Removal Team Leader for guidance. Both the homeowner and the removal team have defined responsibilities (although a certain level of flexibility on both fronts is desirable).

Moving in

Ensure that you or another responsible individual is available to welcome the removal team upon their arrival. If no one is present, and a reasonable waiting period elapses, you may incur storage and re-delivery fees. It's advisable to inquire about the vehicle's waiting time in case you encounter unexpected delays end route. Additionally, it can expedite the process and minimize confusion if you position yourself at the entrance and specify the placement of each item as it is brought in. Facilitating the Move: By adhering to the recommendations provided on this page, you'll likely witness the removal team responding with heightened efficiency and a more relaxed, cheerful demeanor.


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If you possess any self-assembly furniture, especially those constructed from chipboard, please be aware that we highly recommend disassembling these units before the move. Chipboard joints typically lack the strength to withstand the rigors of transportation when the furniture remains assembled. We do offer a dismantling and reassembling service for your convenience, albeit at an additional cost.

To ensure clarity regarding the associated costs, you can arrange for this service in advance.

Regarding washing machines, it's important to secure the drum and disconnect it from both the water supply and the electric source. If you require assistance with disconnecting and reconnecting your washing machine, we may be able to provide this service depending on our capability to do so.

At MTH Removals we have a broad range of packing supplies to support your move in and out of West Midlands. We have cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, moving kits, and plenty of moving accessories.

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MTH Removals takes immense pride in its skilled, trained, and experienced team of house and business movers and packers. We know the ins and outs of securely packing items of all shapes, sizes, and weight.

We use high-quality packing supplies to prevent shocks or any in-transit damage. We have a dependable team to load, unload and install your moving items like the way you want.

We are fair and honest in our pricing. We do not adopt any unfair pricing policy to charge our customers more or less on certain days of the week. However, if the demand is high on weekends for removals in and out of Wolverhampton, the moving quote may reasonably vary over the week. If you are planning a move in the nearest future, speak to one of our representatives at 07774 780863 / 0121 517 1996 for a competitive moving quote.