Books are very heavy, use small boxes to carry them safely.

Utility Bills:
Gas, Electricity, Water & Telephone.

Banks/Building Society:
Credit cards, standing orders.

Dentist, Medical Care & Private health care.

House, Contents, Car & Life insurance, Schools Your Landlord, Your Tenants, Professional.

Solicitors, Accountant, Relatives/Friends Sky.

TV License, TV Rental Your Employer DVLA National Insurance/DHSS Premium Bonds Libraries.

Post Office:
Mail Redirection.

Local Authority:
Removal from electoral register.

Individually wrap each item in packing paper or bubble wrap, placing the heavier pieces at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Employ sturdy double-sided removal boxes. Keep in mind that plates and dishes should be packed vertically, not laid flat.

Wrap up garden tools securely and ready objects to be lifted straight onto the vehicle.

Our recommendation is to keep children away from the removal team's work area, as they can inadvertently obstruct their tasks and face potential risks. It's advisable to have younger children looked after by a family member or friend until the removal process is completed.

Regarding swings and climbing frames, it's essential to disassemble them well in advance, taking care not to misplace any bolts. If you need our assistance in disassembling or reassembling these items, please discuss it with us beforehand, as it may impact on the initial cost estimate.

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